Glad to be back after a blogging hiatus.  When you have a family sometimes things can get really hectic.  Speaking of family, this is my favorite time of the year.  When you play baseball the winter becomes even more special.  Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day… those just become another work day.  So Thanksgiving and Christmas are by far my favorite holidays.  It could have something to do with food… ok, it has a lot to do with food.  This Thanksgiving both my brother and sister are coming to visit.  With my Mom’s passing last year and my Dad 10 years prior to that, I feel a greater need to have family together as much as possible.  It sucks when your parents are gone.  But I will make my mamma’s stuffing and along with Julie’s family we will have a wonderful feast.

Now to sports.  Isn’t it unbelievable to finally see an Oklahoma State football team play defense!  I realize that Texas Techs offense is not as good as it has been in the past, but to hold them to only 17 points is impressive.  They should name a street after Bill Young in Stillwater.  I love the way they hit!   Even when the other team completes a pass or makes a decent run they are brought down violently.  And by the way, if you didn’t know this, Football is a violent sport.  It may be hard to fathom that with all of the “sissified” rules now days.  In past years, OSU would have surely lost that game when they gave the ball back to Tech – but not these Cowboys.

On the offensive side of the ball, Gundy is doing a masterful job of taking what he can.   If Robinson doesn’t throw the ball well, then they run… to the tune of an 18 and a 16 play drive.  That sounds like the 1960’s.  Good to see Kendall Hunter back; although Toston has had a great year, Hunter brings something to the table that they don’t have otherwise.  What a great one-two punch.

Zac Robinson sure took a wicked hit at the end of the game on Saturday night.  Being the experienced player that he is he should have never been hit.  But let’s not dwell on that.  There is no way that he should play Thursday night against Colorado.  I know that it’s Senior night, and I’m sure he will beg and plead and yell to get on the field – I know I would – but if the doctors clear him to play, let him be ready in an emergency.  Colorado stinks.  OSU should win with the back up quarterback.  So announce Zac Robinson last on Thursday night, name a street after him too, but just don’t let him play.  Why?  You may ask?  Because the Bedlam game in Norman will be the biggest game in the history of the school.    If they win out they have a great chance to go to a BCS Bowl for the first time in school history.  It will go down as the greatest year of football ever at OSU.  If Robinson were to get hurt again against Colorado they would have NO chance without him in Norman.

Now I hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but I think they will lose.  Bob Stoops is 65 – 2 in Norman…tough odds.  I can’t wait to see OSU’s offensive line against OU’s defensive line; two of the best in the country at their respective positions.

Speaking of OU,   it was a great win against Texas A&M – as I predicted.  You know why I predicted it?  Cause A&M stinks!  I like the way Kevin Wilson got the ball to his two play makers, Broyles & Murray, but A&M’s defense couldn’t stop me, Julie and my girls.  At least Landry Jones threw the ball to the right team.  This week in Lubbock we will find out which was the fluke: Five interceptions against Nebraska or five touchdowns to Norman.  The Sooners are a 5 point favorite, which is higher than I thought.  So Vegas believes OU has a great chance to win.  Lubbock has been a thorn in the side of Bob Stoops.  And even though Tech’s offense is not as good as it has been, their defensive line will give OU fits.   Over / under on penalties on the offensive line is 10.  I’m picking Tech to win in a close game.  Sooner fans better hope the wind doesn’t blow 40 miles per hour.

On to the NFL:  As I throw up in my mouth, I have to give credit to the Cincinnati Bengals; sweeping the Steelers and the Ravens is impressive.   But don’t give up on the Steelmen yet.  I was a week late on the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo.  They waited until Green Bay to puke down their leg.  But they still have the inside tract on the NFC East Championship.

What’s happened to Denver?  I can see Baltimore at Baltimore; I can see the Steelers on Monday night… but Washington?  Oh and by the way, here come the Chargers.  Whoever wins Sunday in Denver will win the AFC West – I’m staying with Denver.