Katie with the Gamma Phi float (2)Last weekend was kind of tough for me.  Normally I hitchhike to Dallas, do my show from Humperdinks and then meet my family for dinner.  Because of a scheduling snafu, OSU’s Homecoming fell on the same weekend as OU / Texas.  Since my daughter is a Gamma Phi at OSU my wife and youngest daughter went to Stillwater for the big Homecoming events.

Am I selfish?  You better believe it, I want my family with me.  So I went to dinner with some friends Friday night (by the way if you’re in Dallas eat at Bob’s Chop house; it’s Big League!), went back to my room then woke up at 6:30 am for the ridiculous 11 am start.  Meanwhile Julie and the girls enjoyed Stillwater.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough after the post game show to get home for the OSU game.  Fortunately OSU played at 8:15, which meant that I was able to see both games.

Anyone want to get on Brent Venrables?  What a great defensive performance by OU in the Cotton Bowl.  Frankly the problem with this team, other than injuries, is that their offensive line isn’t very good.

Let’s talk about Sam Bradford.  Sometimes bad things happen to great people.  It’s hard to understand.  Bradford’s strong faith in God will pull him through.  But I hope and pray that he and his family will do the following:

  1. Have surgery as soon as possible.
  2. Announce today that he is done for the season.
  3. Announce that he will go into the NFL draft within the next month.

I don’t care what the “experts” say.  I’ve been told that this surgery is six weeks in a sling and 3 – 4 months of rehab.  That would mean that he would be ready by the end of March, which would give him over three weeks until the NFL draft.  Is it cutting it close?  Sure, but to come back for another year is absurd.  I know the OU fans don’t think that way; they believe that every player should play forever.  But the negatives far outweigh the positives. Another serious injury and he could be done.

I’m sure I will be in the minority on this argument as I always am.  But I was in a massive minority this past January when I said that something like this could happen.  REMEMBER, I said Gresham should never come back and look at his situation!  Not to say I told you so, but …

The three losses by OU this early in the season opens up a huge door for – you guessed it – OSU.  Because of the crazy things happening in Norman, nobody’s really talking about OSU.  Yet, with all their injuries and suspension, they’re just cruising along.  I still think they need Hunter or Bryant or both to beat Texas on Halloween, but so far after the blip against Houston they’ve done everything they needed to.  Zac Robinson is back to his normal self and Mike Gundy said he’s lost ten pounds since the beginning of the season.  Hmm… remember, I said something looked wrong and even Gundy said he looks better with the weight off.

How about this scenario:  If OSU could win out to the Thanksgiving weekend game in Norman, there is a chance that that game would mean nothing.  How could that happen?  OU loses another game, Texas Tech loses another game (to OSU) and then OSU has tie breaker with Texas win or lose.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I know one thing though, Mike Gundy, his staff and his players are doing a great job of dealing with adversity!

Hey NCAA, let Bryant come back.  You’ve punished him enough.  I don’t’ condone lying, but he didn’t break any rules. He lied because he was scared.  Don’t you think four games is enough?  Let him back for Texas. A note to Kendall Hunter, the doctors say you’re ok; suck it up and get after it!

Last note on OSU, heard that my name was part of a trivia question Saturday night and when I was announced some of the crowd booed.  To the fans who booed me, thank you.  It shows that I’m not a pathetic homer for the school I attended like some others are.  See I decided a long time ago that the right way to do a radio show was to be unbiased. That way people believe what you say.  And by my ratings I believe I’ve made the right choice.  So if the truth hurts sometimes, then I’m doing my job.

My ‘lock of the week’ has been on fire.  6 and 0, and this past week against the Fat Jack I went undefeated: 4-0-1 (OU was a push).  Since no one else will do it I’m giving it up to myself.    Obviously there will be weeks coming where I will fall on my face, but as of October 20th no one can touch me.

NFL:  It’s almost getting too easy to beat up on you Charger fans.  You guys are done… already.  But please call me next August and tell me how good you’re going to be.   How about the Seattle Seahawks?  My favorite water logged friends – another winning team, huh?  Don’t worry the NBA is getting ready to start… oh that’s right, you don’t have a team any more. Well, the WNBA is only nine months away.

Huge game this Sunday, Favre and Peterson come to Hines Field – Bring it on!!!  I hope it’s five degrees and snowing.  By the way, do you know who’s thrown for the most yards in the NFL to this point?  Not Favre, not Brees, not Manning… it’s Big Ben!  Vikings get their first loss courtesy of the STEELMEN!!

MLB playoffs have been great so far.  My Yankees / Phillies World Series looks good.  Isn’t it time people start to give Charlie Manuel some credit?  I’ve known him for 25 years and although he sounds like he should be on Hee Haw, he’s a big league manager.  I really wish A-Rod hadn’t been found to be a cheater.  It would be fun to cheer his first successes in the post season, but I’m done with all the cheaters; pains me to say it.  Go Derek Jeter!