So I go to the mall to have lunch with my lovely wife Julie.

Julie hit Chick filet because she would eat at chick filet every day if I would let her.

I went and got myself a subway sandwich.  The guy at the counter was a big listener of the show and gave me some free cookies.  After devouring my sub I thought to myself, “I probably don’t need these cookies”… Julie agreed.  Since we were surrounded by children having lunch with their parents, I decided to give the cookies to some kids.  I had two cookies and there was a perfect family of four across from us – two children.  As I started to rise Julie looked at me and said, “What are you doing?”  I explained that I was going to give my cookies to the two children.  She informed me that I can’t do that.  I said “why not?”  She further explained that they don’t know anything about me… I could be a monster, I may have germs, I may have touched the cookies with my bare hands… “They don’t know where your hands have been!” Julie told me exasperated.

I was just trying to be nice!!!  Like Pastor Trevor tells me to be.  I don’t think I have any more germs than the next guy and I certainly wouldn’t poison a child.  But because Julie wouldn’t let me eat the cookies and wouldn’t let me give the cookies away I had to throw away two perfectly good cookies!  What a waste!

I shared this story with you because it goes right along with how disgusted I am with the direction our world is headed.  My grandpa used to get dressed up in his little suit and hat and hand out life savers and gum to any kids that were nearby.  He would sit on a bench in the Village Green and marvel at the little smiling faces.  Now my wife tells me that I can’t do that – people will worry that I’m a pedophile.   Boy how I wish I had been born 50 years earlier.

On to sports…

Wasn’t it great to see Sam Bradford back on the field!  For you idiots who thought that Landry Jones should still play even if Sam was healthy, well…I won’t waste my breath.  I still don’t believe that Bradford will be enough to beat Texas, but at least the receivers caught the ball in the second half of the Baylor game.

If you listened to the massive arguments on the radio you will see that I cannot predict the future and I certainly cant predict what might have happened if Sam Bradford had been healthy the entire season… others disagree.  They believe that with Bradford the Sooners would be 5 and 0.  I can’t go there.  Texas is solid, but not a great team, so OU has a chance.  But I am picking Texas by 10.

OSU finished off a horrible week by winning a much needed road game against Texas A&M.  No Dez Bryant… no problem… at least against the Aggies.  Zac Robinson finally, after a bad start, played the way we all knew he could; even with his beloved Grandfather’s passing three days earlier.  Homecoming is a huge event in Stillwater, but the pokes must concentrate on beating Missouri in the late, late, late game.

By the way, I have three beautiful daughters and if any of them ever brought home a boy like Sam Bradford or Zac Robinson Julie and I would be very proud.  And trust me I don’t like many boys!

Although many people can’t stand Tim Tebow, or more importantly the media that prop him up, he just wins.  What a great performance by Florida, especially their defense in Baton Rouge!   Florida and Alabama will be a big time football game.  I think they are definitely the top two teams in the country and unless Texas puts a huge whipping on Oklahoma, they are by themselves.


I love Rex Ryan – I’ve said it before – but sometimes his dad, Buddy Ryan, comes out in him.  He has to learn to stop the urge.  Confidence is good, but arrogance sucks.  Give credit where credit is due when you lose a game.

Hey Dallas Cowboy fans – I really thought that you had won the Super Bowl in October!

As I saw Jerry Jones hugging everyone in his box and jumping around like a five year old kid (with all the work he’s had done on his face nothing was moving). Then the players piled on in the end zone as Miles Austin scored the big overtime touchdown to beat……

THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, THE 0-5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, THE PATHETIC KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?  After the game Romo said, “We’re coming together as we go into our bye week.”  LOL   I am so glad my father did not grow up in Dallas and I feel sorry for you cowboy fans.  But hey, it’s the biggest news of 2009; for the first time in the history of the NFL we have a Super Bowl winner in October! Congrats!


I’m 2 for 4 on my picks.  The Cardinals choked it off, but if you look back on my previous blog you will see that I wasn’t real excited about Ryan Franklin and that came to pass in the Dodgers series.  If anyone is blaming Matt Holliday you’re clueless.  Not just because I rocked him to sleep when he was a baby, but because he lost the ball in the lights.  Have you ever done that?  I have, in Toronto, and the ball drilled me in the chest.  Raul Ibanez lost one in the lights in Colorado and they gave him an error.  How can that be an error?  Once again, you have some official scorer who knows nothing about actually playing the game.

I wanted to pick the Angels, but I thought the psychological edge was too big.  But I cannot tell you how happy I am to see J D Drew and the Red Sox go down in flames.  Although I picked the Yankees to win it all and I will stick with that, the Angels may be playing with a higher power (see my past blogs).

Yankees / Phillies are still my picks – with the Yanks winning it all.

Thought for today: You can be nice & help others… but don’t make it edible.