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Let’s start with College Football:

Many of you will remember the incident in the first football game of the season between Boise State and Oregon.  LeGarrette Blount, RB for Oregon, made statements before the game about how they “owed Boise State a butt whipping”.  After Boise beat up on them one of the Bronco players came up and said something to Blount; obviously, he was wrong to do that.  But as the Boise coach tried to separate them, Blount punched the player in the face.  He then proceeded to go ballistic, trying to climb into the stands in order to fight some Boise fans.  The verdict by coach Chip Kelly – suspended for the rest of the year.    I couldn’t agree more!  We later learned that Blount missed workouts, practices and was basically not much of a team player.

So guess what?  Coach Kelly is now reconsidering the suspension.  He says that Blount has been a model citizen since the incident.  I say – SO WHAT!!! I’m all for second chances and even in certain instances third chances, but this kid is a punk.  Here is the coach’s side of the story: Blount getting a degree will mean far little compared to him having an opportunity to play in the NFL.  Because Blount comes from a bad background he deserves the chance to play more football.  REALLY?  Why didn’t Blount think about that when he was blowing off practices and workouts… why didn’t he think about it as the coach’s were restraining him from going into the stands…?

This is not a case of a second chance; this is a fourth or fifth chance, which is ridiculous.  I get so sick of society continuing to make excuses for adults time after time.  Blount can still play in the NFL.  If he is such a “model citizen” then go to the combine and show the teams that he is a changed man… run his 40, lift a bunch of weight, and make a team.  But his college career should be over.  It’s easy to be a model citizen when your back is against the wall.  Coach Kelly, who made the right call in the beginning, has a chance to set a great example for his team, his school, college football and Blount – That there are consequences for bad behavior.  I hope he has changed and I certainly don’t want him to be held down, but when a person in authority makes a tough decision they need to stick to their guns.

This Bobby Bowden situation is really sad.  There is no doubt that his time has passed him by and this team has progressively gone down hill over the last ten years.  Now people of power at Florida State want him to step down.  Yesterday it took a turn for the worst as Bowden’s wife of over 60 years, Ann, decided to go public.

“I am angry,” Ann Bowden said Monday. “I’m angry at some of our boosters that Bobby has worked for and supported, raised money for. And he’s been such a top quality person, such great character and everything for this university. And for them to turn their back on him like that — I don’t care if he is 80 years old . . .”


I certainly appreciate the tremendous love and loyalty that Ann has for her husband and I would hope that my wife would stick up for me as well, but there comes a time where someone has to be the voice of reason.  Someone in the Bowden family has to go to Coach with tears in their eyes and say, “we love you; you are one of the greatest coaches ever but it’s time for you to move on and spend your golden years with your family.”  I hope that in my job when it becomes hard for me to put together sentences and I can’t figure out what is going on around me, that someone – whether it’s my wife, or one of my children or grandchildren – will be honest with me.  Would it be hard?  Sure!    Is there a chance I would be mad? Yes!  But if my wife, Julie, were to say that to me then I would know she is doing so for my own good.

From broadcasters to athletes to coaches, there is nothing worse than people in the sports business who stay way past their prime.  Heck, rename the University and call it Bobby Bowden State, but the time has come – Bobby Bowden, it’s time to go away.

It’s obvious that Kent Bradford is very concerned about Sam’s shoulder and will not let him play until he’s 100%.  Now I know the OU fans are not happy about that, but as a father I say it is definitely the right move.  Although Landry Jones didn’t lose the game for OU, the coach’s were certainly nervous about putting the game in his hands.  OU has some problems; without Broyles at wide receiver they have no playmakers and their offensive line is average at best.  A healthy Bradford will help, but it’s not the cure all / end all.  They will light Baylor up this weekend and then its Bevo time.

OSU travels to College Station and although the Aggies defense is terrible they can score.  Good test for Bill Young and their defense.  We will see if the injured play.  OSU should win the game and come back for homecoming against Missouri in Stillwater.  By the way, make sure to check out the Gamma Phi float if you are in Stillwater.  My daughter has personally stuffed a lot of crepe paper on that thing!


Charger fans, nice defense!

Steelers did what they had to do, but still a long way to go.

How about Brett Favre?  I thought I was watching a fairy tale. I kept looking for Tinkerbell to fly across the screen with her fairy dust and her magic wand… Favre can definitely still play.  I still don’t believe he can do it all year long, but I guess if anyone can Favre will be the one… PUKE, PUKE, PUKE!

Playoff time in Baseball:

Go Twins!

Also, I want to talk about a story that went unnoticed last week.  I’m sure many of you remember the tragic story of Nick Adenhart of the LA Angels.  Adenhart died in a horrible car accident early in the season and was sorely missed by his teammates.  Matter of fact, I’ve given the AL Manager of the Year to Mike Scioscia because they fought through this tragedy, as well as other injuries, to make the playoffs.  Last week, when they clenched a spot in the playoffs, the entire team ran out to the fence where a baseball hung with Adenharts name; each one patted it in a touching and loving way.  Afterwards, they celebrated in the clubhouse – as is customary in baseball – with champagne bottles and beer cans.  Someone got Adenharts’ jersey and poured alcohol on the jersey as a tribute to him being part of the team.

What you might have forgotten is that Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver, so some thought their tribute distasteful.  I COULDN’T DISAGREE MORE!! This goes back to our “sissified” culture and the PC world we live in.  That is the way we baseball players celebrate.  The team wanted Nick to be a part of it.  Don’t make it into more than it really is.  Next thing you know people will want baseball to stop celebrating with alcohol totally.  STOP IT!  Adenhart would have loved to have been a part of that celebration.  Unless he’s different than every other baseball player I’ve ever known, he was looking down and smiling as his uniform was being drenched.

On a personal note…

Last Saturday would have been my mamma’s 87th birthday.  It was the first one without her.  It was hard, but thank God I have my lovely wife Julie, my brother, my sister and my three beautiful daughters.

Happy Birthday Floss!  We miss you!!!