What an unbelievable week of football – From the Steelers big win on Thursday night to the overrated Chargers slipping by lowly Oakland on Monday night and all the games in between.

The #1 thing on my mind today is how “sissified” our culture has become.  We are so politically correct it makes me want to puke!  And sports have been affected as much as anything.  First you have the ridiculous deal of shaking hands before a game – are you serious?  So, the coach gives a pre-game speech and says, “lets go out there and kill them!!!” you fly out of the locker room, onto the field jumping around and then… you line up and shake hands with the other team?  Pathetic.    Why not have the linemen hug each other before every play.  And what about this helmet to helmet crap?  A defensive player makes a great hit and here come the penalty flags.  I know, I know… we want to protect the players. Let’s just put dresses on the offensive players too.

I love what Mike Tomlin had to say before the Steelers 1st game this season; when asked about the game with the Titans Tomlin replied, “This is a violent sport and whoever is more violent will win!”  THAT’S BIG LEAGUE!  My brother used to have a quote on his door of Vince Lombardi that said “dancing is a contact sport; football is a hitting sport”.  Where has that mentality gone?  I’m surprised we even keep score anymore.  And to show just how bad it’s gotten, a high school game in my hometown of Norman Oklahoma was cancelled Friday night after one period. Why you might ask?  Because there was lighting 10 miles away.  And although the lightning never actually made it to Norman, the game was cancelled.  They discussed rescheduling it for Saturday, but it was expected to rain all day Saturday too, so they cancelled the game (BTW, no lighting on Saturday).  Are you kidding me?  We’re now cancelling high school football games because of rain?
George Halas and Vince Lombardi are rolling over in their graves.

Look, before you all start sending me emails let me state for the record that I’m all for ‘Love your Neighbor’ and I’m all for good sportsmanship, but the game is about winning – it’s a competition – dominating your opponent!  If you want to shake their hand AFTER the game go for it, but the rest of it is all fake!  And if you’ve listened to me you know I hate fake!

Random Thoughts:

Traber blog: 9/7/09: …They still have a bunch of really good offenses to try to stop, but hey, they beat an SEC power and remain in the top 10.  Let’s see if they can slow down Houston (who by the way will throw the ball).

As you can see from my blog last week I wasn’t ready to jump on the band wagon for the OSU defense.  Some others did – I won’t name names – but then again they know nothing about football.  Until OSU can prove that they can either get to the quarterback or cover five receivers at a time they will never slow down a spread offense.  Although it would be really nice if they had nine Georgia’s left, the fact of the matter is that they don’t; everyone else will throw the ball.  As I’ve said for the last two weeks, I’m convinced that Zac Robinson is hurt and they need to figure out how to get him back to 100%.  This could still be a monumental season for OSU, but both their offense and defense will have to get better.

Nice scrimmage in Norman.  I could have thrown for 250 yards at my age against Idaho State.  But we learned some things:  Landry Jones has a chance to be a really nice player, Demarco Murray might be back, Broyles has a chance to be a star and the offensive line can hear the snap count.  Tulsa is good; should be a good test and maybe a closer game than some think.

Hey Bears fans – still happy with Jay Cutler?  Talent wise the dude is awesome; but he’s a loser, as he showed us Sunday night.  As I predicted when the trade was made he won’t win any more games than Orton would have.  Think it was a coincidence what happened with Denver and Cincinnati?  I think not!  Karma baby!

For those of you who pick the Chargers – every single year – nice performance against Oakland!  Yes, they won, but they are getting old.  Once again the AFC will come down to the Steelers and New England.  But hey Charger fans – at least you’re going to win your division.

Traber Blog 8/31/09: To Lou Holtz:  You’re picking Notre Dame to go undefeated and be “upset” by Florida.  The upset, Lou, is your “homer” pick doesn’t go all the way – what a joke!

Hey Lou, you should be fired for such “homerism”.  Hail to Michigan!