As I’m sure you are aware, I have no problem with confrontation.  And over the past 17 years I’ve had some doozies.  From the John Blake fans who burnt down my port-o-potty (it’s a long story) to the Corner Man to the people of Seattle I’ve had my share.  But this latest one is the most shocking I’ve ever experienced… I’m flabbergasted!

Sunday night on my Fox 25 TV show (co-hosted with Myron Patton and Curtis Fitzpatrick Sunday nights at 10PM) we have a segment called ‘Final Thoughts’ where each one of us has roughly 30 seconds to give a statement on something that happened during the previous week.  Mine was about the Grambling Band, who is renowned world wide, only getting 6 1/2 minutes during half time to play.  And while they were playing the OSU band walked in front of the TV cameras that were trying to tape the show.  Normally, they are very good at walking behind the cameras.

I made it a point to say that my comments were not about OSU’s band – I think OSU has a great band!  But bands such as Texas A&M, Grambling and Stanford bring something unique to the table.  The fans from other schools DON’T LEAVE AT HALFTIME!  They want to watch these bands!

Since Sunday night I have been berated not only by the OSU band members but the band director himself.  Every other comment I received agreed with me.  It seems like any media outlet that speaks well of Grambling’s band, was accused by the band director of dissing OSU’s band.  They have even gone as far as to challenge me to come to Stillwater Wednesday at 4:00 on the lawn in front of the library and “say it to our face”.  THE BAND!!!  Say what to their face???  That a lot of people wanted to see Grambling’s Band?  Are they coming after me with their tubas and piccolos for that?  I’ve never seen such insecurity in my life.

Hey OSU Band – I am not a band hater!!!  I just enjoy watching the Grambling band!!  I’m not the guy that gave you a Melvin in high school – I just wanted to watch Grambling’s band!!!  No one is saying that Grambling is better than you technically… but they are entertaining and original in the way they perform.  Their football team lost by 50 points – it was an embarrassment.  Give the band their due!

Lastly, if someone comes up to me and tells me that they love Mike Steely’s show (which happens a lot by the way), I don’t beat Steely down to make myself look better – I like his show too.  It’s ridiculous!  Get over it.

NFL:  My Steelers are an embarrassment!  Although I’m not giving up on them, AND the Bengles’ are not a pathetic team, the way they lost to the Bengles was a joke.  They dominated for almost three quarters and then gave up!  You have to finish games in the NFL.  They better beat San Diego this Sunday or they WILL be done.

The other half of my Super bowl predictions – the NY Giants – look great.  The other NY team, the Jets, have taken on Rex Ryan’s personality.  Let’s see how long it will last.

Bret Favre:  As I throw up in my mouth, I have to admit that throw was unbelievable.  50 yards on a line into the only spot you could throw it.  I still think there is a chance that when December rolls around things will be different, but as of right now… puke, puke, puke… It’s been a great pick up.

College Football

OU Fans:  Don’t be too fired up that Miami lost; they will play a lot better Saturday night.  My simple prediction – if Bradford plays OU wins, if he doesn’t OU loses.  By the way, who are the best teams in the country?  After Florida, Alabama and Texas it is wide open.

MLB Playoffs:  I told you last week that I would give you my breakdown.  And as I’m writing this we still don’t know who the winner of the AL Central is, or the NL wildcard, but let’s go for it anyway.

American League:  the Yankees are by far the best team and I believe the Red Sox magic is over.  Hopefully Minnesota will get in, but Detroit is probably more of a threat with Verlander and Jackson at the top of their rotation.  The Angels led by my manager of the year, Mike Scioscia, cannot seem to figure out a way to beat the Red Sox.  Oh, by the way, they will meet in the first round.  Yankees move on the World Series.

National League:  This one is a lot harder because we’ve got three teams that are all very close.  I picked the Phillies at the beginning of the year to get back to the World Series, but the Cardinals have just been amazing.  The Dodgers scare me with Manny Ramirez and some of their young pitching; with Carpenter and Wainwright at the top of the rotation the Cardinals will be hard to beat.  But who will close?     It’s a little bit different pitching in October than it is in August.  I’d love to pick the Cardinals but I’m staying with the Phillies.  With Lee and Hammels at the top and Lidge getting back on track they will repeat.

World Series:  Great matchup between two of the finest and most psychotic sports cities in the country.  I think the Yankees finally get back on track and win the first championship in the new Yankee Stadium.  I’m picking it to go seven games.  Mariano Rivera is the difference.  Sorry Yankee haters and to my good friend Charlie Manuel.