Traber: What a difference two weeks can make; 336 little hours

Because we’re such a microwave society (i.e. I want it now!!!) it is so entertaining from week to week to check out the emotions of the fans.

Let’s start with OU:

Two weeks ago some Oklahoma fans were ready to give up on the season.  No Bradford, No Gresham, Kevin Wilson had no clue of what to do offensively… they were done.  Now after beating a JV team and embarrassing Tulsa – by the way, the first back to back shut outs since 1987 – now there’s hope!

Someday you people will listen to me about trying to be more objective and even keeled.  How about if you’re a USC fan today?  What if Bob Stoops and the Sooners had lost to Iowa State or a team that was 0 – 12 last year?  I bet there wouldn’t have been nearly as many OU car flags riding around the state…  And I’ve got to tell you that Pete Carroll is a big league coach, but for some reason almost every year he loses to a bad team.  BYU is not a bad team, but many of you jumped ship.  You’re probably back on now.  Wouldn’t it have just been easier emotionally to say after the BYU loss that, “it’s a long season, we had some injuries, but let’s see what happens…”  You could have saved yourself a couple of horrible hangovers and some of you are getting too old for that.  Can’t wait for the Miami game!  Hopefully they’ll beat Virginia Tech and it will be a match up of two top 10 teams like this series should be.


Coming off the Georgia win two weeks ago there was huge optimism and then here came Houston.  Don’t want to rub in the loss; but I felt like it was very important that Oklahoma State get back on track against Rice and live up to their pre-season hype.  Sorry, it just didn’t happen.  Yes, Zac Robinson looked better and the defense made plays at times, but still too many points given up.

How about the running game?   Sure you miss Hunter, but even when he was in there it just doesn’t look like the same offense.   Maybe Pettigrew was better than we thought?  But here’s the deal, both OU and OSU had games against inferior opponents where they could get some things done and gain some confidence; OU passed the test, OSU did not.  Sure glad Grambling’s band is coming.

To Mike Holder:

Barry Trammel’s article in the paper today was close to being 100% true.  The steps that Mike Holder took were bold and many didn’t like it.  But it looks like it just might work.  We have to wait for Basketball as well though.  Let’s not forget that Gallagher Iba has been the bread and butter.  Like I’ve always said, no one loves the University more than Holder.  Obviously, he believed his plan was in the best interest of his alma mater.  Sure is nice to see over $50 Grand.


Traber Blog 9/15/09: Hey Bears fans – still happy with Jay Cutler?  Talent wise the dude is awesome; but he’s a loser, as he showed us Sunday night.  As I predicted when the trade was made he won’t win any more games than Orton would have.  Think it was a coincidence what happened with Denver and Cincinnati?  I think not!  Karma baby!

I said on my radio show that this statement would come back to haunt me.  And I picked the Bears to beat my beloved Steelers.  So, you may think that my statement from last week is wrong.  … we shall see.  Notice Cutlers’ talent will come through, but let’s see where they are at the end of the year.

Hey Cowboy fans, big league stadium… nice loss.  Are you serious with Tony Romo? Has there ever been a more talented quarterback who chokes it off in pressure situations more than this guy?  And there is no Jessica Simpson to blame this time.

I love Rex Ryan!  More coaches need to speak there minds; I get so tired of this coach speak and PC rhetoric.  You can get in trouble this way, but don’t you think his players were fired up to play for him on Sunday?  And what an awesome move to bring out the ex- Patriot players as captains!  All of it was Big Time including the win!  Speaking of the Patriots, make sure to listen to the Sports Animal every Monday at 3pm Central as Wes Welker joins me to talk football.  You can log onto and listen live.

My whipping boy team, the Chargers, made one of the dumbest play calls I’ve ever seen.  How can you have a QB throw for over 400 yards and your team rushes for 50, and on 4th and 2 with the game on the line you run Sproles?   He weights like 150 lbs!!! Ray Lewis and the Ravens laughed for five hours on the plane ride home.  Nice job Norv Turner.  You should be 0 – 2!  Maybe it isn’t a given that you will win the AFC West.  LMAO!

Next week the MLB playoffs start and I’ll give you all of my predictions.  My 1st of the year predictions are looking really good.  Hope the Twins can still get there.

See you next Week!