I never thought I would jump onto the information highway but here I am!

Seems as if the world now days is filled with little people hiding behind a computer screen acting all big and bad… oh and by the way they use fake names so they can anonymously rip people.  While I promise to never stoop to that level I have decided not only to get onto the highway, but right over into the fast lane… so here it goes.

I’ve had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks doing radio in OKC.  There are two things I want to get off my chest and I’m using the World Wide Web to get it out.

The first is ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons.  Although he does use his real name, he is still a perfect example of the little person hiding behind a computer screen that I referred to earlier.  He rambles on and on in his blog offering up his opinion without any accountability.  For six months my station has tried to get him on the air to talk about his ridiculous opinion of Oklahoma City, which he childishly refers to as “the other city” – remember we are an ESPN affiliate.  But he has continually ignored all of our requests.

Lately, however, things have changed.  After a heated discussion on the radio between me and Nick Collison  of the OKC Thunder, Bill Simmons “tweeted”  that people should listen to it and then called me a “moron”.

I called Doug Gottlieb and some other personalities at ESPN to find out why this dude is attacking me personally and to see if they could help me get him on my show to talk about this man to man.  You would think that ESPN would hold their people accountable for what they say.   This is the latest response from Simmons, which came by way of another “tweet”:

Note to unpopular, low-IQ, sports radio bully/hosts in Non Top 40 markets:  I’d never come on your show to bring you attention.  Ever. Not ever.

Simmons’s lack of knowledge on sports is only surpassed by his lack of knowledge about me. Little does he know that his own network – ESPN – did a story on Outside the Lines about this unpopular radio host.  #1 in the country per capita…enough said.  As far as my IQ, I do not have a masters, as I was playing Major League Baseball during that period of my life, but I was the scholar athlete for the entire state of Maryland.

Last thing about Simmons, if I had the voice of a pre-pubescent girl I’d probably stick to writing a blog as well. Meanwhile, I will just continue to struggle along to support my family without the “attention” I would gain if Bill Simmons would grace my small time OKC radio show.

Hey Bill – it’s interesting that you don’t allow comments after you blog.  Is it because you, “The Sports Guy” (with no sports back ground at all) are too chicken or is it that your Masters degree makes you superior to all of us common sports fans????

The second thing I wanted to discuss are these pathetic fans from Seattle.  Hey people!  You lost your team – you had your chance.  Stop whining about Clay Bennett “stealing” your team away that you’re always throwing out there.  You sound like little girls!  If it makes you feel good to attack me with your false names then go for it.  But let it be known that my “little OKC show” has more listeners than your boy Softy does – BTW, nice nick-name!  It’s nice to know that the people of such a “great” city know how to spell the F word and can threaten people with violence – OVER A COMPUTER!  You are definitely big and bad!  But as one of you wrote, you still have the WNBA and MSL – what a joke!  Your city has won one sports championship in its history… and they now reside in Oklahoma City.

Hey Seattle fans – When are you going to move on and realize that it’s your fault, not Oklahoma City’s?  But cheer up, you can get the NBA package on satellite and enjoy the Son….
I mean Thunder!

Wow!  Who knew that writing a blog could be so therapeutic!  Good to get it off my chest.  This is fun!  I’ll be back!!!!!!!!!